Feel free to join us in the Pandemic time and learn from the best via Zoom. Free for everyone!!! 

Now we have two different kinds of seminars: The "Instructor Series" (invitation for ISCA Instructors only-ask your Country Representativ for the Link) and the "Competitior Series" open for all Spochan competitiors. The Link will be shared via the Facebook Group "Spochan Around the World". if you are not a member, apply for it!

Coming up next:                                                                                                                                                                                                            April 10th. Competitor Series with Shusuke Fujioka and Yuja Takei from Tokyo/Japan                                                                                     April 24th. Instructor Series with Sensei Tanabe from Yokohama/Japan

Many thanks to all Teachers who share there experience, Paolo for doing the postings and beautyful Ads, my team with Melissa and Johannes and all who taking part including Spochan enthusiasts from all over the World: Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Greece, Mexico, Thailand, Czek Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Spain, China and Japan.

04th. February

Arthur Cetair is not only a wonderful person, but also one of the best in the SpoChan world.
His fighting style and his footwork are unique.
On Thursday we will have the privilege of being able to attend an online class where Arthur will give us the opportunity to peek into what are his secrets (regarding his footwork).
Some info about him:
Born and raised: France
Dojo : Chanbara 20, Paris.
Achievements : 2016 world champion in Datotsu Team, 2017 France grand champion, 2019 European Champion in Datotsu Team, several World and European titles in Kodachi and Tate Kodachi.
Topic of the class: footwork
See you on Thursday, don't miss it.

11th. February

Like every Thursday, the next SpoChan online training will be one of those not to be missed.
Annachiara Contesimo, Miryam Aliberti, Sara di Nicola,
three top athletes of the Italian national team and among the strongest athletes in the SpoChan world, will hold the training.
Topic of the Seminar: Kihon Dosa (Body position – Position of the feet – Weapon grip)
An opportunity not to be missed for all those who want to improve the way Kihon Dosa should be done.
Some info about the three athletes:

Name: Annachiara Contesimo
Dojo: Invictus (Salerno) and Athlete/Captain of the Italian National Team
Achievements: World and European Champion Team Datotsu Woman – European Champion Team Kihon Dosa and Vice World Champion Team Kihon Dosa – Grand European Champion Datotsu Individual Woman – Vice World Champion Datotsu Individual Woman – Vice World and European Champion Kihon Dosa Individual.
Name: Miryam Aliberti
Dojo: Invictus (Salerno) and Athlete/Vice Captain Italian National Team
Achievements: World and European Champion Team Datotsu Woman – European Champion Team Kihon Dosa and Vice World Champion Team Kihon Dosa – Grand European Champion Kihon Dosa Individual Woman – World Champion Datotsu Individual Woman – Vice World Champion Kihon Dosa Individual.
Name: Sara Di Nicola
Dojo: Polisportiva SpoChan Club (Salerno) and Athlete of Italian National Team
Achievements: European Champion Team Datotsu Woman – European Champion Team Kihon Dosa and Vice World Champion Team Kihon Dosa – European Champion Kihon Dosa Individual Woman – Bronze Medal World Championship Datotsu Individual Woman – Bronze Medal World Championship Kihon Dosa Individual.
See you on Thursday, don't miss it!!!

18th. February

The next online seminar will be held by Sensei Philippe Nicolai.
His dedication to the study of our martial art, with a critical eye always oriented towards its development, makes him not only a very important figure on our SpoChan world but also a source of both practical and theoretical wisdom.
Here you have some info about him:
Country: France
Dojo: Chanbara 20, Paris
-European Veteran Vice-Champion Paris 2016
-European Veteran Champion Rome 2017
-Silver and Bronze medals Minsk 2019
Topic of the seminar:
Work on ‘’the final touch’’: the proper cut with Tenouchi and Shimeru, making the best impact with the minimum effort.

25th. February

The next Sensei, as written earlier, is one of a kind.
A close friend, a companion on sporting adventures and a sensei with a capital S.
I know I'm biased in this case, but give it to me for once.
Diego Falco began practicing Sports Chanbara back in 1998 and has never stopped breathing, living and getting excited with it ever since. After winning as an athlete, from 1998 to 2009, he began to train the Italian national team leading it to be among the first nations in the world both in Datotsu and Kihon Dosa (in his achievements you can see specifically what I mean).
I could stay here talking about Diego for at least 2 years, but he will do it himself next Thursday through his body and his boundless love for our martial art. Here is some info about him:
Name: Diego Falco
Country: Italy
Dojo: Invictus, Salerno
As an Athlete: Multiple World and European Datotsu Team Champion - Multiple World and European Datotsu Individual Champion - Multiple Italian Champion and Grand Champion in Datotsu - Multiple Italian Male Datotsu Team Champion. He was captain of the Italian national team.
As Head Coach of the Italian National Team: during his management the Italian National Team won 1 Male Datotsu Team World Title (2019) - 1 Female Datotsu Team World Title (2019) - 1 European Male Datotsu Team Title (2014) - 2 European Female Datotsu Team Titles (2017 - 2019) - 2 European Kihon Dosa Team Titles (2017 - 2019) - 2 times First Places in the Medal Table in Italy 2017 and Belarus 2019 - 2 European Silver Medals in Male Datotsu Team (2012 - 2017 ) - 2 World Bronze Medals Male Datotsu Team (2016 - 2018) - 2 European Bronze Medals in Male Datotsu Team (2010 - 2019) - 3 World Silver Medals in Kihon Dosa Team (2016 - 2018 - 2019) - 3 European Bronze Medals in Kihon Dosa Team (2010 - 2012 - 2014).
Overall, between team and individual competitions won 313 Medals: 104 Gold - 81 Silver - 125 Bronze and 13 Grand Champion.
Among the few to have won European and World Datotsu Team competitions as an athlete and as a coach.
Topic: Functional / Specific Training for Sports Chanbara: athletic and technical exercises combined.

04th. March

Tibor Figei, Worldchampion in Nito explaining his own styl - based on Escrima

The words that come to my mind thinking about him are:
Eclectic, fair, assiduous and determined.
Tibor is one of those people who would do well in any sporting movement and, during his sporting career, both as an athlete and as a coach, he has NEVER missed an event.
That’s what he says about him:
‘’Over the last 10 years I have been practicing dynamic sportshooting, that helped me with the concentration in martial arts.
My basics are in Teakwondo, Wing Tsun and Eskrima and I'm an instructor in both Wing Tsun (black belt) and Eskrima.
I have been training in martial arts for 30 years, as sensei for 15 years.
Sport has been part off my whole life.
Today I'm a sport teacher, trainer, sportsmen in two different sports (sport shooting and SpoChan), international referee in this two sports and the last two years also a sport advisor in my city’’
Here you have some info about his SpoChan career:
Name: Tibor Figei
Country: Slovakia
Dojo: Falcon TKD Club, Rimavska Sobota
World Champion in 2016 and 2019, European Champion in 2016, 11 medals from World, European Championships, World and European Games together, 12-times Slovak Champion, 4-times Czech and 3-times Polish Champion - the first Slovak European and World Champion.
Topic of the seminar: Difficult principals, methods to use Nito in competition.

11th. March

Next lesson's Sensei is Oliver Drexler.
He is one of the first people I met internationally (I still remember when he proudly painted the flag of Germany on his face ?? ).
I think I am not exaggerating in saying that he is one of the most experienced people in the world when it comes to our sport.
Precisely for this reason, it makes me very happy to know that we will be able to attend one of his lessons.
Here is some information about him:
Name: Oliver Drexler
Country: Germany
Dojo: The Dojo Alzey
Achievments: President of Spochan Deutschland since 2005, 3 time Vice Worldchampion Oyakata (Master class).
Topic of the Seminar: Sportschanbara a competition Sport - but not everyone is a competitior. It will show the German way of a "traditional" Spochan class to attract more students.

18th. March

Kihon Dosa Part 2. A second time the amazing Italian Kihon Dosa Team is teaching the Kihon Basics. Just 5 technics, but in a perfection you has to work on!

25. März

Mega Unterricht mit Sensei Maik Löhr vom Yong Verein Wolfenbüttel, zusammen mit seinen Töchtern Philine und Sophie. Ab diesem Donnerstag geben die deutschen Sensei immer Unterricht für die deutschen Dojo`s.

8. April

Philine und Sophie Löhr vom Yong Verein Wolfenbüttel geben eine Sportschanbara Stunde

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